The art of blending

This is the selection of the eaux-de-vie which, once blended together, will form the cognac. The Cellar Master then plays the score that will become the visual, olfactory and gustatory signature of our House.


Blending is a tradition that allows us to balance the flavours and textures of the cognac in order to make it more complex and exceptional. It is then that we make a "coupe", which is the blending of these eaux-de-vie in inert vats and in proportions that are jealously kept secret.


The Cellar Master can be compared to this musician, who created music by combining different chords, or to a painter looking for the perfect shade by mixing.


The age of Cognac

The AOC of Cognac defines the age of the youngest Cognac entering the blend: 2 years for a VS, 4 years for a VSOP and 10 years for an XO. However, like many quality Cognac Houses, we use older Cognacs. For the sake of transparency, we indicate this in our technical data sheets.