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Our terroir

Grande Champagne is one of the six crus that make up the Cognac appellation. Situated halfway between the maritime influences of the Atlantic coast and the continent, Grande Champagne is protected from extremes and enveloped by a very mild climate. Very often compared to Italian Tuscany, Grande Champagne is a land of open landscapes, changing with every bend, sculpted with hillsides on which clings a vineyard cultivated like a garden.

The soils of Grande Champagne are whitish on a friable limestone subsoil, which allows the vines to draw the elements that give Grande Champagne its special qualities.


There are just over 13,000 hectares of vines dedicated to the production of white wines, which, once distilled, will give rise to very fine and light eaux-de-vie with a predominantly floral bouquet. 


These eaux-de-vie require long ageing in oak barrels to reach full maturity. The most exceptional can age for more than 100 years. 

Its eaux-de-vie, made from this exclusive terroir, can benefit from the Appellation Contrôlée "Cognac Grande Champagne".


Ugni blanc

Ugni Blanc is a grape variety of Italian origin (Trebbiano Toscano). It is very productive (its yield is of the order of 120 to 130 hl vol./ha). Its high production and late ripening have many advantages for the production of distillation wines: low alcohol and acidity... Two characteristics that are essential for the final quality of Cognac eaux-de-vie. Indeed, the acidity allows the wine to keep naturally during the winter months before distillation, and the low alcoholic content leads to further concentration of the aromas contained in the wines.

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