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Grande Champagne Premier cru

Our cognacs concentrate in them the magic of the coordinated work of man and Nature. They marry the soil and the plant with history, culture and traditions.



The Golden Age Of Cognac collection is a nod to our origins.

We produce in the purest Charentaise tradition a cognac 100% Grande Champagne, the first of Cru de Cognac, and 100% "Single Estate". This has become rare nowadays, viticulture, vinification, distillation, maturing, blending and bottling all take place on the same estate.


Our home made eaux-de-vie are patiently matured in oak barrels until they reach perfect maturity, which can take decades...

Symbol of this long and patient work, our XXO cognac is an exceptional Hors d'Âge cognac whose eaux-de-vie have been matured for more than a generation: the youngest are 30 years old, the oldest 40. 


Today, we invite you to discover this unique collection.


Distillation   >


Cognac is double-distilled in an iron still, otherwise known as pot stills because of its Anglo-Saxon origins. This alembic, equipped with a direct heating system as required by the AOC of Cognac, allows a non-continuous distillation of "batch".

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