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Our history

The Charville Frères Cognac House was founded at the end of the 19th century in the golden age of Cognac.


This eau-de-vie, or brandy, which had already been exported since the Middle Ages, became the prerogative of good British society. At that time, its empire was so vast that the sun never set. 


From India to the counters of Singapore, Hong Kong or the vibrant Shanghai, this elite cultivated a highly codified inner self. The Gentlemen's Clubs make their appearance at the same time as polo, golf or tiger hunting... One finds oneself sharing a glass of cognac, comfortably wrapped in cigar smoke.


The port of Cognac was then connected to the whole world and the trading houses prospered there until the First World War. Falling definitively into oblivion during the more chaotic inter-war period, our beautiful house was reborn nearly a century later with the same values of quality and excellence as before and ready to set out again to conquer the world with its collection "The Goden Age of Cognac".

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