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Our philosophy

Respect for a singular terroir. 

Our house is marked by the Grande Champagne, the 1er cru of the 5 Cognac crus. It is here that we have found the best terroirs so that the vines can offer us the best of themselves. 

The authenticity of the methods.

Distillation in Charentais stills, ageing in French oak barrels, etc. These are all elements that make up our Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée, which we hold dear to our heart. We are careful to collaborate with the best winegrowers and distillers and are particularly attentive to their working methods, especially in order to limit inputs and environmental impact.


The search for elegance.

Anchored in our history, the elegance of our blends is a permanent requirement. Our Grande Champagne terroir provides us with the foundations that it is up to us to sublimate. In a way, it obliges us to do so.


The human link.

Producing exceptional spirits is not only a matter of terroir and method, but also of human commitment. The men and women working on the elaboration of our cognacs invest themselves at every moment in their profession, their passion. To symbolise this commitment, we sign each bottle by hand.

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