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Grande Champagne – 1er cru de Cognac Extra Extra Old Pale Single Estate 

This Cognac comes from the Grande Champagne region, 1st growth of Cognac. This singular terroir, a guarantee of quality, is sublimated by our Single Estate production (from a single winegrower). It is a subtle balance that makes it exclusive and authentic. 

The Extra Extra Old dit Hors d'âge (XXO) is a blend of Cognacs of different ages, the youngest of which has spent at least 30 years in oak barrels. Its golden reflections, its nose with woody notes, its fine rancio will make you discover the eaux-de-vie du Paradis (traditional appellation of the place where we keep our best elixir). 

Tableau XXO UK.png
Cognac DCF etiquette XXO.png
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